Soothe Your Soul Yoga & Sound Healing Day Retreat Sun 28 April 2024 1030am-5pm


Soothe Your Soul

Yoga & Sound Healing Day Retreat

Join Zoe, Jane and Sarah for a soul soothing day designed to nourish and invigorate body, mind and soul in beautiful surroundings.

Breathwork and Vinyasa Flow

We will start with breath work exercises focussing on the importance of the breath with movement, to ground and boost immunity and assist with connecting with the subtle energy within . The physical practice will be a flowing Vinyasa practise to nourish and sooth the body. A flowing class harmonising breath and movement seamlessly moving from one posture to the next.

There will be a nutritious and nourishing plant-based lunch provided by the resident Fig.

Restorative Yin

After lunch we will ease our way into a restorative and gentle yin practice working with the natural rhythms of nature, focussing on the health of chi energy in the body via the meridians (energetic channels) nourishing the heart and soul and allowing the mornings work to deeply absorb and integrate into our bodies and mind.

Sound Bath

After the yin , the sound bath will be a sonic journey of deep relaxation and healing using Tibetan Singing bowls, Chinese windgong, shanti chimes and more. As part of the sound bath Sarah will gently sing mantras and some of her own healing songs. Altogether this will be a deeply connecting and healing experience.

Teas/ herbal teas and coffees will be provided throughout the day .

NB Day retreats and workshops are non refundable and non transferable.