Spring Equinox Mini Yoga Retreat

Spring Equinox Mini Yoga Retreat.

 Sun 21 Mar 2021 10:00am to 12:30pm

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Spring Equinox Mini Yoga Retreat
Sunday 21st March 10-12.30pm  On Zoom

Allow yourself time to nourish and connect with Mother Nature as we shift into the new season.
Spring is an important time to cleanse and detoxify which will be the focus of our practice.

The retreat will also be a good opportunity to set new intentions and plant seeds for positive changes.

The practice will include breathing techniques to cleanse the lungs, twisting poses to detoxify and stimulate liver and gall bladder Spring energies.

The first hour of vinyasa flow will be led by Zoe, leading into a gentle and restorative Yin practice led by Jane.

The workshop will incorporate both dynamic and restorative poses to find the perfect balance between Yin and Yang.

We will end with a deeply relaxing guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.

You will leave the practice feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to blossom.

All level welcomed.

Thanks Zoe and Jane