Yoga & Nutrition Day-Retreat for “En-Lighten for Weight Loss”


Yoga & Nutrition Day-Retreat – “En-LIGHTEN for Weight Loss”

Venue: Connaught Hotel

9am – 4pm

9am coffee and mingle
9:30 Barbara’s first talk
10am – Yoga with Jane
11am – morning break
11:30 – Yoga with Jane
12:30 – LUNCH
12:45 – talk by Barbara
1:30 – Yoga with Jane
2:30 – herbal tea break
2:45 – mediation with Jane
3:30 – Yoga with Jane
4:30 – Finish the Day – Goodie Bags – Q&A

What the Day includes:

*Private FB Page for Hints, Tips, Advice and Motivation
* FREE Love Your Body Cleanse workbook (worth £9.99)
* FREE e-cookbook – Eat To Be Fit PDF (worth £9.99)
* Talk by Barbara on the day:
1. 10 Top Weight Loss Hacks – 30 minute talk with Power Point & Handouts
2. Balancing Your Hormones for Weight Loss – 30 minutes – Power Point & Handouts
3. Jane Yoga in-between

Morning Session – Zen-Lighten

A gentle stretch class using yoga props to move energy around the body , detoxifying and stimulating, increasing vitality and health.
Particular focus given to liver / gall bladder/stomach and spleen meridians.

Afternoon session

A floor based Zen yoga with focus on calorie burning, boosting metabolism and building muscle tone
including the 5 Tibetan rites
Benefits of the day will include meeting new like-minded friends, learn about nutrition for weight loss, return home with a game plan for your 2020 health and wellness goals.
* Detoxification.
* Balancing chakras.
* Anti-aging
* Improved sleep
* Enhance memory.
* Emotional health.
* Relief from joint pain and arthritis.
* Improved strength and coordination
* Nutrition worksheets

Head home with a great Goodie Bag worth approx. £50

• Please note timing is subject to change but we should be finished fully by 5pm

PLUS – At the Connaught Spa, you have a chance to book the SPA facilities from 5pm-9pm for just £10

PLUS – After workshop Drinks at the beautiful Connaught Bar for £4.00

Cost £89.00