Hearts and Hips Day Retreat - Sunday 08 May 2022

Sun 08 May 2022 10:30am to 5:00pm

Launceston Farm, Tarrant Launceston, Blandford Forum, DT118BY


Come and give your heart and hips a little therapy In this regenerative and restorative full day retreat in the Dorset countryside with specific focus on the hip and heart areas. Unlock the full potential of your breath with Gentle yet powerful breathing exercises that will help nourish and stimulate the heart . Unlock the full potential of your hips, promoting a better posture and mindset for life beyond the mat. Working with the breath and beginning with slow movement we’ll soften into the many muscles at work in the hip joint. This slow opening helps us release physical and emotional tension that manifests within the hips. Moving into a gentle slow flow we’ll work through postures designed to help strengthen the hip muscles, which are so important for healthy posture. During the afternoon we will focus on a gentle and nourishing yin practice . The hips are associated with the water element and the heart with air and both elements will be weaved into this deeply restorative session culminating with a relaxing and powerful psychic sleep nidra meditation. A nutritious plant based lunch will be provided along with teas, coffees and snacks throughout. Suitable for complete beginners or those with more experience.


Cost £135